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Tortilla Pizza 😃

My little one is a huge Pizza fan! So much so that we have a specific Family rule as to WHEN and HOW Pizza can be ordered😂 Well, we had to do this, otherwise, he will be having pizza everyday🤪😑

Pizza affinity is soooo well known that for one his Birthday Party three of his friends gifted him Pizza logo set😅

One year he wanted to dress as a Pizza for the carnival… Which resulted in Mamma to crochet him his Pizza Costume 😃 (Mommy’s crochet love is a story for another day!!!)

My little Pizza lover😍

So Mommy had to devise ideas to make quick pizza in her own kitchen!

Tortilla Pizza 🍕


  • 2 tortillas
  • Pizza sauce
  • Salami pieces
  • Vegetables of your choice (Mommy got sneaky and added SPINACH, MUSHROOM, and ONION). Adding precooked vegetables also works!
  • Mixed cheese- grated (maasdam , emmental and mozzarella)

Direction to cook:

Preheat the oven for 10 minutes.

Take one tortilla. Spread it generously with pizza sauce. Add the vegetables, cover it with as much cheese as you like and add a few salami pieces.😉

Put the other tortilla on top of it. Add pizza sauce on top of this too. Cover with cheese, place the salami pieces and add more cheese over it!

You can see the spinach😄

Carefully place it in the oven and cook the Pizza over slow heat for at least 10 minutes. Keep an eye and keep checking, cause the tortilla may tend to burn from the sides.

When done take the pizza out, carefully handling as it is hot!

Cut with a knife or use a pizza cutter, serve with some pizza oil sprinkled on the top!

Yum mmmm Enjoy!!!

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